BinIt2WinIt (BI2WI)

Bin it 2 Win it!                    

The BinIt2WinIt is a programme the Green Schools Committee created to encourage recycling. Each class must leave their bins outside their room before 1pm daily. The Green Schools Committee quickly check each bin (gloves a must and hands washed after also) to ensure all litter and waste are in the right bin. 

Results are communicated to each class and recorded on the Green Schools Notice board under BinIt2WinIt!

Each month a new prize is on offer to the classroom with the most tokens. The amount of allowable errors reduces monthly. In February it is 3 errors or less in total. The prizes change monthly and get bigger each month, as does the competition! Each class is notified by the Green Schools Committee daily of their result and error if any (reinforces message of recycling, reducing and reusing litter.

We have little rhymes as a reminder:

Recycling: Clean and dry a recycling high

Waste: Dirty cling or tin, put it in the other bin

Blue: Dirty roll, mask or tissue keep it blue