Picker Pals

Cookie Policy - Picker Pals

Picker Pals is a litter picking programme for primary school children and their families. All classes are given an opportunity to participate  in the programme. At the start of the school year, the new Junior Infant Classes receive activity packs or story books introducing the PickerPals characters. The website if families are interested in exploring the programme further is www.pickerpalsworld.org. 

Each week (weather permitting), 3 families (we have 3 packs) will receive a Picker Pals pack to bring home on Friday and return on the following Monday. As a family, you chose, where, when and how long you want to litter pick. A family day outdoors, cleaning our environment.

Each pack has pairs of disposable gloves, hi-vis vests, hand sanitiser, rubbish bags and litter pickers. There is also an activity sheet for your child to complete takes about 5 minutes or less. Each Picker Pal Pack is sanitised on return by the Green Schools Committee before sent out again! A thank you card is also included in the pack. Your family are making a big difference and you should be proud of this – thank you.